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Mainstay Suites Jacksonville NC


WIFI is free to our guests.




SSID: Mainstay Suites

Property Name:  Mainstay Suites Jacksonville NC

Property ID:  HPS-004177

ACCESS CODE: wifi2201


24-Hour Technical Support: Call Spectrum 866-536-7676 


Spectrum Internet Instructions:

  1. WIRED Connection:

    1. Plug Ethernet cable into your laptop.

    2. Turn on your computer.

    3. Launch an Internet browser.

    4. Follow instructions to get online.

  2. WIRELESS Connection:

    1. Turn on your computer.

    2. Go to My Network Places

    3. Select View Available Networks

    4. Select “Mainstay Suites Jacksonville” as your wireless network

    5. Launch an Internet browser.

    6. Follow instructions to get online.

  3. FOR TECHNICAL SUPPORT, please call, 866-536-7676, Spectrum 24-hour support team and have property ID handy.

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