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Suburban Extended Stay Washington PA


I understand and agree to the terms of the Suburban Extended Stay Pet Policy as follows:

  • A non refundable pet fee of $25.00 (1-4 nights) per pet, $75.00 (5+ nights) per pet, is charged to my account upon arrival.

  • A valid credit card number must remain on file at the front desk.

  • Housekeeping and Maintenance service:  I agree to make my suite available for housekeeping and/or maintenance needs and will arrange to have my pet out of the suite to accommodate this service.

  • Pet must weigh less than 80 pounds.

  • Verification that vaccinations are complete and up to date is required.

  • Pets left unattended in the room when the guest leaves hotel premises must be secured in a pet crate or carrier.

  • Pet must be on a controllable leash at all times when not inside the guest suite.

  • Pet may only be walked in the designated pet areas on the hotel grounds.

  • Guest is responsible for clean up after the pet on hotel grounds and properly disposing of waste in the outside dumpster or as otherwise designated.

  • Damages caused by my pet to my suite, its furnishings, or any other part of the hotel are my sole responsibility.  I understand that I will be charged an additional fee based on the specific damage.  Guest suite is subject to damage inspection at anytime and upon checkout.

  • Noise/Disruptive Complaints:  If hotel management receives more than two (2) complaints, alternative arrangements must be made for the pet.  The non-refundable pet fee will not be refunded once the pet has been in the guest suite.


I have read the Suburban Extended Stay Pet Policy and fully understand and accept this policy set by the hotel as indicated by my signature below:

Guest Signature__________________________________________________________ Date:_________________________

Guest Name (please print)_____________________________________________________________

Guest Service Representative:__________________________________________________________

Hotel Management Representative:______________________________________________________

Date Of Inspection:_________________________________

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