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Suburban Extended Stay Washington PA

Thanks for choosing us. May this information help your stay be exceptional.

  • Our award-winning hotel is 100% NON SMOKING.

  • FRONT DESK - While desk hours are 7am to 11pm, you may reach us 24/7/365 by dialing -0- from your room or by texting 724-604-5910. Please dial 911 for an emergency requiring police, fire or medical personnel. 

  • ROOM CLEANING - We service your room biweekly. We enter your room at least weekly.  A Do Not Disturb door notice is respected until noon. Our biweekly service clean includes fresh linens. Please use dishwasher as needed and place full trash bags in your hallway stairwell's trash receptacle. Local fire code prohibits your placement of trash or linens outside your door. Our front desk offers a fresh towel and linen exchange, extra room supplies, pillows and more during office hours. 

  • MUD ROOM LOCKER ACCESS - Stop by the front desk for a locker assignment and to purchase a lock if you do not have your own.

As we strive to be the best guest service experience of your travels, please dial -0- from your room or text 724-604-5910 with any questions or concerns. You are also welcome to reach me directly at my email below.


Teresa, General Manager

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