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Mainstay Suites Carlisle PA
Frequently Asked Questions

  • CHECKOUT TIME - Our standard checkout time is 11am. Please text us or dial -0- to request a late checkout.  We will do our best to accommodate your request if we are able based upon our room availability and staffing for the day.

  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY/LIGHTS/POWER OUTLETS - We prioritize being an energy efficient property. Because of this, we use different types of outlets and lighting throughout the room, so there are a variety of options to choose from depending on the device, location in the room, and your needs as a guest.

  • ICE  & SNACKS - Come to the 1st floor market area for snacks and our ice machines on 1st and 3rd floors.

  • LAUNDRY - Enjoy our 24 hr Guest Laundry room on the 1st floor. The cost is $2 per wash cycle, $1.75 per dry cycle and $1.50 per detergent pack if needed. You may make change at the front desk.

  • MOTION SENSING LIGHTS – Both your suite and your bathroom have motion-activated light switches.

    • Suite Lights: The motion-sensing light switch for the main room of the suite is next to the room’s entrance. When the light switch is in the UP position, the lights will automatically shut off after 30 minutes. If you would like to keep the lights on, flip the light switch by the bed into the up position.

    • Bathroom Lights: The motion-sensing light switch for the bathroom is next to the door inside the bathroom. Unlike the other light switch, this one requires that you press it to turn it on and off. When you check in, the light should be in the on position already. This light also has a 30 minute timer.

  • SAFE OPERATION – To lock the safe: Close safe door and enter four digit code. Press Lock button.  To unlock the safe:  Enter the four digit code. Please leave safe open upon your checkout.

  • SPLIT POWER OUTLETS – In the pursuit of being eco-friendly and saving energy, the outlets next to your bed are split power outlets. These outlets are different than traditional outlets in that only the bottom plug has a constant power supply. The top plug is controlled by the light switch next to the bed.  Only the outlets on each side of your bed are like this. If you unplug your lamp and plug in your phone charger or any other devices, they will not have access to power unless the switch is flipped to "ON".  

  • USB/TABLETOP OUTLETS – These outlets are appropriate for charging small electronics.


  • WORKOUT - Our 24 hour exercise room is located on the 1st floor and is available by appointment only due to COVID19. To schedule your workout session text us at 717-366-9350 or dial - 0- from your room.​

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