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 . Your Voice: The BERKELEY Interview A WESTERN VILLAGE Not your everyday newsroom. BY PIETER SCHEIBLE DATED MAY 5, 1989 BERKELEY, Calif. — In a neighborhood of townhomes and single-family dwellings that is the antithesis of downtown, Alice Street, lined with $500,000-and-up houses, faces a loop of antique shops and galleries on its south side. To its west, it meets a century-old, but still brisk, business district. Its north end is a few blocks from the water; its south end, in turn, sits at the southern corner of a park. Near this point is the Alameda County courthouse. On the street beyond it is St. Mary’s Cathedral, and another block beyond that is the recently opened Berkeley Public Library. The close association of a courthouse, cathedral, and library with a university, and their proximity to a walkable downtown, make Berkeley something of a natural choice for a new business district. “It’s right in the middle of everything,” says William Norton, one of the people who is making Alice Street happen. Norton, who sits on the council that governs Berkeley, is an idealistic sort, a member of the local chapter of the Sierra Club and the Sierra Club’s Environmental Program Policy Committee. “It is an ideal neighborhood to be in. It’s perfect,” he says. Norton and his associates see an opportunity to transform what is arguably the most enjoyable neighborhood in Berkeley — “the liveliest, loveliest, best-run, best-kept, and best-decorated” community in the city, according to the Berkeley Voice newspaper — into an attractive retail area. To do this, they are launching a campaign to bring a variety of professional services and retail shops into the block between the cathedral and the library. They are calling this project Alice Street, after the main street of a nearby suburb. The first Alice Street shop is a law firm, Norton tells this reporter. Next to come will be a small outdoor boutique, an interior designer, a pet store, a bookstore, a jeweler, a pizza restaurant, a hair salon, and a dentist. More than a dozen specialty shops are planned for the northern part of the block. Alice Street is a unique development. It won



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Erwin 73 Portable haidtali

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